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Inaca Porch Awnings


Inaca caravan awnings are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. Inaca is a family company and was founded in 1974 and since then have worked towards the ultimate aim of creating a high quality product for caravan holiday makers. This enables their valued customer to obtain the greatest levels of enjoyment out of their precious and hard earned holidays.

Inaca understand the requirement for more space when on your caravan holiday. Caravan awnings provide this extra space and make a caravan holiday much more comfortable and enjoyable and Inaca understand that this is the main reason to invest in a caravan awning.

The conscientious product development process at Inaca ensures their ability to not only meet but exceed the demands of the ever changing caravan industry. Inaca boast a large range of exceptional caravan awnings with many new features added regularly, fresh homely colours and a confident contemporary finish.

Inaca have also expanded their market by manufacturing the canvas for Comanche trailer tents. Comanche have every confidence in their expertise in awning canvas design and their enthusiasm for the outdoor lifestyle and have trusted them with providing top quality canvases to meet any requirements.

To maintain quality standards, every aspect of all Inaca awnings products are thoroughly examined during the production process and this is a priority for Inaca.

As a family run business, attention to detail has become integrated in to their entire manufacturing process; this culture of obsessive quality control has secured Inaca's position at the top of the Spanish caravan awning market and their success in other key European markets.

Inaca are committed to providing the best service they can to their customers at all times and this statement from their business manifesto captures their friendly attitude: "All the team at INACA thank you for your trust and confidence in our brand name and company ethic. We hope that you, your family and friends enjoy your INACA awning to the maximum. Thank you."