Why buy an awning?

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28 Feb / 2019

Have a caravan or motorhome? Yet to buy an awning? Heres some handy advice to why buying an awning can benifit your caravaning experience.

Which Awning?

Caravans make a great holiday living space however actual living space can be limited. The simplest way to maximize your living space is with an awning. This will bring part of your pitch undercover and in-turn making it a livable space. Awnings come in a variety of sizes as explained below:

The Full Awning

A full awning will normally double the livable floor space of your caravan, giving you a space outside of your main caravan to relax undercover from the weather. The awnings will come in a variety of different sizes and fabrics to suit everybody’s needs. Being undercover there are often bedrooms/living areas which can added to accommodate more people. Most awnings will come with removable panels to aid ventilation on them warm summer days and improve the all round visibility when in the awning.

The Porch Awning

Porch awnings are smaller than full awnings, meaning less time to erect, this may suit people who are not looking to spend long in any one place. They give you the space to have somewhere comfortable to store your items such as bikes, clothing and shoes.

Porch awnings will also keep the wind and rain away from the front door of the caravan meaning you can still relax outside enjoying the view. 

The Canopy Awning

Canopy awnings can be permanently fitted or temporarily fitted to the side of your caravan. Permanent ones operate a roller blind kind of system which normally have poles to erect to give the canopy its structure.

These canopies come in a variety of different sizes and fabrics to suit but are normally a specialist job to fit so it’s worth contacting your local caravan dealer should you wish to go down this route.