Everything you need for World Cup celebrations at Glossop Awnings

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07 Mar / 2018

For the past few weeks TV’s in pubs, bars and homes have been overrun by a certain event, the World Cup.  People around the world are really getting into the spirit of the World Cup and so are we here at Glossop Awnings; decorating the showroom and even awnings to fully embrace this year’s games.


It’s not just some bunting you might need to feel like you’re doing the World Cup Celebrations right; we have decorated one of our awnings, the Bradcot Modulair. This beautiful awning will give you all the living space you could wish for when watching the football games, having raised the bar for air awnings it can be your base model or can be extended by adding any one of its extensions (depending how many might be coming round for their fix of football).  With its single inflation point and option to add an annex this awning is perfect for any World Cup events that you may want to hold.




As this week has been unreal with its glorious weather, there’s nothing better than relaxing with friends/family with a BBQ and finishing off with a nice World Cup match, Cadacs ranges of BBQ’s are made to fit everyone. The Cadac Carri Chef 2 barbeque is made from aluminum to ensure heat is spread evenly and to give the best cooking results, it can be used with the lid off for grilling and with the lid on to create and oven type of cooking. The Carrie Chef 2 is the ultimate BBQ to create exciting and tasty dishes. For a more compact and lightweight barbeque why not try the Cadac 2 Cook Deluxe, with an array of cooking options and an independent non-stick reversible ribbed/flat grill plate it Is ideal for meat, fish, chicken and veggies, great for that traditional BBQ.



It wouldn’t be right to enjoy the World Cup without all the essentials, the Isabella corner cupboard will give you all the room you will need with two levels of storage and a fixed top, so that you never run out of what you need. This table also comes with a smart folding method, it can be folded like a suitcase meaning it’s quick and easy for you to put up and stock with all your snacks and drinks just in time for the game.




Once you have finished making a delicious BBQ and are preparing to tuck in when the games on you might be stuck on where to place your food and drink but don’t worry Quest Leisure Superlite Medium Folding Table will be able to accommodate you and friends. This table is made from aluminum meaning that it is extremely lightweight, coupled with its carry handle it is easy to move around; less hassle and more time to enjoy yourself.

 Quest Leisure Superlite Medium Folding Table with Onyx Top



To ensure you are completely comfortable throughout the World Cup, you have to make sure that you have the right seating. The Royal Marseille lounger will provide you with all the comfort that you will need. The chair can be in the upright position or a reclining position, to suit all your relaxation needs; its waterproof material makes it ideal for any unexpected weather or accidents that may occur. Perfect for all occasions.

Royal Marseille Lounger Chair


We hope we have given you inspiration for the perfect party and World Cup essentials this summer! For more information come see us in store or call us on: 01457 860 118