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Vango was born in 1966 in the West of Scotland and have since prided themselves to lead the way in the innovative design and manufacturing of outdoor camping equipment. Their long Scottish heritage has given them the ambition to strive in research and development to create revolutionary products.

Vango boasts an endless range of caravan and motorhome awnings, tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and camping equipment. Basically, everything you need for an outdoor adventure!

In 2011 the Vango AirBeam range of inflatable tents was introduced, changing the way people camp. Vango’s revolutionary air tent technology allows fast and simple pitching without the use of poles and is now trusted by thousands of family campers.

After years of testing and development, Vango introduced their famous Vango AirBeam Awning collection in 2013. First introduced was the Vango AirAway collection of inflatable drive-away awnings for use with camper vans and motorhomes shortly followed by the AirAwning collection for use with caravans.

The Vango AirBeam awnings offer an effortless system which is not only easy to inflate but easy to maintain. Doing things right is what they stand for, which is why people trust Vango caravan and motorhome inflatable awnings and inflatable air tents.

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