Motorhome Awnings

Glossop awnings carry a large selection of awnings which are suitable for motorhomes, vans, cars and campers. In the industry we refer to these awnings as stand-alone's or drive-away's.

These awnings are designed to keep their pitch and have four legs rather than 2 and no poles touch your van whatsoever. Instead there is a tunnel which extends from the back of the awning and feeds onto the beading of the motorhome. You will need to check the height of your vehicle before you purchase as it will affect what is suitable for you and what your options are. 

Drive-away awnings are designed as an extra bit of space when you are touring and they come in durable heavy weight canvas and strong steel pole form as well as the lightweight tent poles and thinner canvas. It all depends on what your needs are but there are many options to chose from. 

These awnings have a tall height and usually have enough space to fit a table and chairs to make your camping trip more comfortable. Some also come with the option to have an annexe attached to the side for extra storage or a sleeping unit. 

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