Sunncamp’s Air Volution inflatable awning range are fitted with air tubes which are enclosed in a heavy duty double layer sleeve, they offer a quick and simple pitching which in most cases can be done easily by one person.

New for 2016, the Sunncamp Advance Air inflatable awning has the silhouette of a traditional awning and has the option to attach an annex. Also new, the Curve Air 390 and the Dash Air 260 inflatable awnings feature the new 75D Ace-Tech fabric.

The Super Swift Air and Swift Air inflatable awning ranges provide simplicity and reliability and are fantastic value for money. The Inceptor 390 Air Plus inflatable awning has been improved for 2016 and offers a great panoramic view when sat inside the awning.

Sunncamp’s award-winning design, the Ultima Air Super Deluxe inflatable awning has the option to attach an annex to either side and the Ultima Grande 390 Air Plus now has an enhanced depth of 325cm.

Sunncamp’s lightweight porch awnings ranges offer great versatility and have been created using high quality materials that have been proven to protect against the elements. The Ultima Classic porch awning is still the favourite shape with caravanners and the Rotonde 300 Deluxe porch awning gives you a valuable, spacious outside living area.

The Sunncamp Envy 200 lightweight porch awning provides versatility, it has three identical panels offering door and roll-up options and the practical and reliable Swift lightweight porch awning is now available in four sizes; 220cm, 260cm, 325cm or 390cm.

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    Sunncamp Advance Air Midway 2017 Model
    Special Price £491.00 Regular Price £815.00
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