Vango Sonoma II 250 Porch Door

New for 2018, The Sonoma II Porch door completely seals the front of the awning from the elements.
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New for 2018, The Sonoma II Porch door completely seals the front of the awning from the elements. Connecting to the front of the new 2018 Sonoma via a zip on attachment, ensuring a taught fit to the awning, the porch door is the ideal addition for enclosing the front extension of your Sonoma awning. (Please note this porch door is not compatible with previous season Sonoma awnings.)


Further Details

  • Sentinel Pro 420 Fabric- Featuring 420 denier double ripstop threads, our Sentinel Pro fabric has superior strength and long-lasting duaribility, combined with PU technical coatings make Sentinel Pro exceptional in terms of waterproofness.
  • Line-Lok guyline runners- Lock securely, simple to release and high performance in all conditions.
  • PVC mud strip-- Positioned around base of awning for easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable pegging points- Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven sturfaces
  • Zipped Privacy Curtains- Simple and quick to use, allow varying levels of opening. Fitted to the flysheet with no gaps and simply roll down into a pocket
  • Diamond clear windows with sewn in printed curtains-  Maximise light and visability
  • Reflective Webbing- Picks up torch light so the pegging points are easily spotted in low light conditions.
  • Flexi Door- Adjust to be fully or half open.
  • Heavyweight zips on doors- Enhances waterproofness
  • Zip covers- Enhances child safety and weather resistance
  • Fully Taped seams- All flysheet seams are factory taped which provides a watertight seal
  • Steel rock pegs and mallet included- Pegs are strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain.
  • Wind tunnel tested- Tested within wind conditions up to 100kph
  • Fire retardant fabrics- Meets European EN5912 safety standard
  • Fully wind and rain tested- Weather tested to the European standard EN5912 by certified test centre
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Year 2018
Warranty 12 Month Warranty
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