Here at Glossop Awnings you can choose from the largest range of awnings for your caravan or motorhome in the UK. We sell awnings from all the top brands including Isabella, Vango, Kampa, Sunncamp, Bradcot, Dorema, Inaca, Quest and Outdoor Revolution. We also sell accessories for all your awning and camping requirements, chairs from Isabella and Quest, barbecues from Cadac, carpets, annexes, inner tents, storm kits and much more...

So if you want a full caravan awning or porch awning from Isabella or Dorema a motorhome awning or driveaway Awning from Vango or maybe an inflatable awning for your caravan and motorhome from Kampa and many others...

Glossop Awnings is the place for all your camping needs.

Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am - 5.30pm

Why buy an awning?

Have a caravan or motorhome? Yet to buy an awning? Heres some handy advice to why buying an awning can benifit your caravaning experience.

28 Feb , 2019 ,0 Comments

Why do you need to buy a Footprint for your Awning?

Do you have a motorhome or campervan awning that has a sewn in groundsheet? Here we explain why a footprint is an essential addition to your awning and the fantastic benefits it can bring.

18 Feb , 2019 ,0 Comments

How to extend the life of your awning and keep it strong for years to come!

Awnings, like anything else, need some attention every now and again to maintain their quality! It is not recommended to use any detergent whatsoever! Even washing up liquid can cause major damage to your fabric so avoid this. If you must use something then it is possible to use a very mild soap. You will need to lather this in your hands and then apply it delicately with your fingertips and use a brush to take it off. Brushes used to clean your car are ideal!

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