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Inflatable Awnings

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    Dometic Ace Air All Season 500 S Caravan Awning (INC MESH PANEL AND SOLAR SHADE)
    Special Price £1,999.00 Regular Price £2,599.99
  2. Dometic Club Air Pro 440 S
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    Telta Life 390 Air Caravan Awning
    Special Price £1,699.00 Regular Price £1,887.00
  4. Dometic Club Air Pro 390 S
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    Telta Life 330 Air Caravan Awning
    Special Price £1,599.00 Regular Price £1,776.00

Items 1-24 of 155

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An inflatable motorhome awning is a type of portable shelter or extension that can be attached to a motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV). It is designed to provide additional living space and protection from the elements, such as sun, rain, and wind.

Unlike traditional awnings that rely on a frame or poles for support, inflatable motorhome awnings utilize air beams or tubes that are inflated to provide structural integrity. The air beams are typically made from durable materials, such as PVC or polyester, and are inflated using a pump or electric blower.

The main advantage of inflatable awnings is their ease of setup and takedown. Since there are no rigid poles or frames to assemble, the process is generally quicker and more straightforward. Inflatable awnings often feature a simple design with fewer components, making them more user-friendly for RV enthusiasts.

In addition to being easy to set up, inflatable motorhome awnings are also relatively lightweight and compact when deflated. This makes them convenient for storage and transportation, as they take up less space compared to traditional awnings.

These awnings come in various sizes and configurations to suit different motorhomes and individual preferences. They may include features like integrated windows for ventilation, zippered doors for easy access, and attachment points for securing to the motorhome.

It's important to note that while inflatable motorhome awnings offer convenience and versatility, they do require proper anchoring and securing to ensure stability, especially in windy conditions. Manufacturers typically provide guidelines and instructions on how to properly set up and secure the awning to maintain its stability and safety.

Overall, inflatable motorhome awnings provide a flexible and practical solution for extending the living space of a motorhome, offering protection from the elements and creating a comfortable outdoor area for relaxation and recreation while on the road.

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