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  1. Isabella Forum Etna
    As low as £4,621.00
  2. Isabella Nordic 300
    As low as £3,578.00
  3. Isabella Nordic 240 Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £3,314.00
  4. Isabella Penta Etna Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £3,278.00
  5. Isabella Commodore North Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £2,628.00
  6. Isabella Commodore Dawn Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £2,540.00
  7. Isabella Ambassador Dawn Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £2,315.00
  8. Isabella T@b L400
  9. Isabella T@B 320 Blue
  10. Isabella T@B 320
  11. Sale
    Isabella Ambassador Insignia Carbon Frame Size 962cm 948 - 972cm Caravan Awning
    Special Price £1,890.00 Regular Price £1,964.00
  12. Isabella Capri North Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £1,828.00

17 Items

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In 1957, Søren Odgaard laid the foundation for Isabella by creating his first awning in the basement of his house. Since then, Isabella has experienced remarkable growth and witnessed significant changes in the camping industry. However, their core values remain unchanged. At Isabella, they are committed to providing more outdoor space and unwavering attention to quality.

Their rich history serves as a solid platform for their future endeavors. With years of experience and a reputation for renowned Isabella quality, they take great pride in their continuous development. They constantly refine their materials and designs to meet the evolving needs of the market and their customers. Camping has transformed from a new way of holidaying in 1957 to a vibrant lifestyle today. This shift has placed new demands on their products and requires them to stay ahead of the curve through innovative approaches.

At Isabella, they strive to be one step ahead, embracing innovation and anticipating the changing needs of campers. Their dedication to constant improvement ensures that they consistently deliver products that exceed expectations. With Isabella, you can trust that you are investing in a brand that values tradition, quality, and innovation. Join them as they embark on the journey towards an even more enjoyable and fulfilling camping experience.

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