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Awning Carpets / Groundsheet

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  1. Isabella Bolon Breathable Carpet 3.5m
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  2. Isabella Bolon Breathable Carpet 3m
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    Dometic Grande 390 Awning Continental Carpet
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    Vango Breathable Fitted Carpet Riviera 420 - CP219
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  5. Dorema Starlon Awning Groundsheet Carpet
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Items 1-24 of 110

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A caravan awning groundsheet is a protective layer that is placed on the ground beneath a caravan awning. It serves several purposes:

1. Protection: The groundsheet acts as a barrier between the awning and the ground, protecting the awning's fabric from dirt, moisture, and potential damage. It helps keep the inside of the awning clean and prevents any sharp objects or stones on the ground from puncturing the awning floor.

2. Comfort: A groundsheet adds an extra layer of insulation and comfort underfoot. It provides a more comfortable surface for walking, sitting, or placing furniture inside the awning.

3. Waterproofing: Many caravan awning groundsheets are designed to be waterproof or have a water-resistant coating. This feature helps to keep the ground dry and prevents moisture from seeping through to the inside of the awning.

4. Easy Cleaning: Groundsheets are typically easier to clean than the awning itself. They can be easily removed, shaken off, and wiped clean if necessary

When choosing a caravan awning groundsheet, consider the following factors:

- Size: Ensure that the groundsheet matches the dimensions of your awning or the area you want to cover. It should be slightly smaller than the awning floor to prevent rainwater from collecting between the groundsheet and the awning.

- Material: Groundsheets are commonly made of durable materials like PVC, polyethylene, or polyester. Look for a material that is waterproof, breathable, and resistant to tearing or punctures.

- Attachment: Some groundsheets have pegging points or eyelets around the edges to secure them in place. Others may have hooks or loops that attach directly to the awning frame or floor.

- Storage and Portability: Consider how easy it is to store and transport the groundsheet. Look for options that can be rolled or folded compactly.

Remember to regularly check and maintain your groundsheet to ensure it remains in good condition and provides effective protection for your caravan awning.

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