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Full Awnings

In this category you will find the widest range of full size awnings in the country! A full size awning is fed onto the beading of your caravan and is then erected with the classic frame system. The frame is fitted onto the caravan with bracket pads and it held in place by extending the poles to the correct level. We are suppliers for every major manufacturer in Europe including Isabella, Dorema, Bradcot, Sunncamp, Leisurewise and Inaca.

The full awning is the consistent favourite with our customers and often is the awning which suits the customers’ needs more than smaller options. This traditional style of awning is a must have for long term serious caravanners who are seeking a bit more space on their holidays. With a full size awning you almost always have the option to extend your space by investing in annexes which can be fitted to both sides. 

The original style of awning which has proved to be the most popular choice for committed campers is also a very strong and steady choice as the steel or fibreglass frames provide more stability than lightweight options.

Most full size awnings come with removable panels which transform you awning into a sun canopy as when they are all removed only the roof canvas remains. These panels also have several options as to where you would like your awning door to be located. In most cases the windows on the panels have a fly net underneath to give you some air on hot days without getting bugged by insects! 

You can purchase extra poles to give you different options with your canvas such as a Veranda Bar and rear of roof support bars. If you are planning on using your awning on a seasonal pitch you can invest in a storm strap kit to provide more stability in extreme weather. 

To make you caravan lifestyle more comfortable you can also purchase groundsheets for the inside of the awning to make you feel right at home! Once you have furnished the inside of your awning with chairs and a table your awning will be complete!

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  1. Bradcot Classic 50 Full Caravan Awning
    As low as £949.00
  2. Dorema Emerald 270 Full Caravan Awning 2022
    As low as £1,499.00
  3. Isabella Forum Etna Full Caravan Awning 2023
    As low as £4,621.00
  4. Inaca Sands 250 Full Caravan Awning 2022
    As low as £1,172.00
  5. Bradcot Aspire Full Touring Caravan Awning
    As low as £699.00
  6. Inaca Sintra 250 Full Caravan Awning 2022
    As low as £739.00

Items 1-24 of 55

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