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Sun Canopies

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  1. Isabella T@b 400 Sun canopy
  2. Isabella Sunshine Plus Canvas Only
    As low as £744.00
  3. Dorema Panorama Caravan Sun Canopy
    As low as £697.00
  4. Isabella Mini Eclipse Sun Canopy
    As low as £504.00
  5. Sale
    Dometic Sunshine Air Pro 400 Inflatable Caravan Suncanopy
    Special Price £449.00 Regular Price £459.99

Items 1-24 of 79

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Here at Glossop Awnings we offer a wide range of sun canopies. A caravan sun canopy is a type of portable shelter or covering that is specifically designed to be used with caravans or recreational vehicles (RVs). It is typically made of durable and weather-resistant materials such as polyester or canvas, which provide protection from the sun, light rain, and other elements.

A caravan sun canopy is designed to extend from the side of a caravan, creating a shaded area outside the vehicle. It attaches to the caravan's awning rail or roofline using various mounting methods, such as poles, ropes, or clamps, depending on the specific design.

The canopy is usually supported by a sturdy frame made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or steel. This frame provides structural integrity to the canopy and allows it to withstand wind and other external forces. The frame is often adjustable, allowing you to modify the height and angle of the canopy to suit your needs.

Caravan sun canopies come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different caravan models and personal preferences. They can range from simple overhead covers to more elaborate structures with additional sidewalls, windows, and doors, resembling a temporary outdoor room.

The primary purpose of a caravan sun canopy is to provide shade and create an outdoor living space adjacent to the caravan. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still having protection from the sun's harmful rays. It also serves as a sheltered area for relaxation, dining, or storage of outdoor furniture and equipment.

Caravan sun canopies are popular among caravan and RV enthusiasts who enjoy spending time in nature and want to enhance their camping experience. They provide an additional living area, expanding the available space and making outdoor activities more comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions.

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