How to connect Freestanding Motorhome Awnings.

You can attach it to your wind out canopy by simplyy winding out your canopy to head height, lift the tunnel section of the awning up to the canopy, attach it to the canopy with the driveway fixing kit (see below) and wind your canopy in.  This will lift up your tunnel to the desired position. 

Peg out the base of the tunnel under the Motorhome in order to get it as close to the Motorhome as possible.

If you do not have a canopy either use a C Channel or you can throw the straps (which come supplied) over the roof and peg them down on the other side of you Motorhome. 

Free standing (Please note that you will not get a wind tight seal on the tunnel)

The tunnel is merely to act as an umbrella effect to give you some protection from the elements; your habitation area will give you a wind tight seal and gives you full protection.