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  1. Vango Inflatable Chair
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    Quest Leisure Ragley Pro Recline Chair with Side Table F1301
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    Quest Leisure Naples Pro Recline Chair F1321
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Items 1-24 of 73

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Glossop Awnings now are a major retailer in camping and garden furniture! One of the most popular items at our checkouts is camping furniture and we stock hundreds of different types of chairs, tables, sets and stools. The prices vary as does the quality of our furniture but we have plenty to choose from and there are plenty of sales items and reductions in this section!

Camping furniture refers to portable and lightweight furniture items designed for outdoor use during camping trips or other outdoor activities. These pieces of furniture are specifically designed to be easy to transport, set up, and pack away, making them ideal for camping and other outdoor adventures. Here are some common types of camping furniture:

1. Camping Chairs: These are folding chairs that are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. They usually feature sturdy frames and durable fabric seats. Camping chairs provide a comfortable seating option around the campfire or at the campsite.

2. Camping Tables: Camping tables are compact and lightweight tables designed for outdoor use. They often have folding legs for easy storage and transportation. These tables provide a convenient surface for dining, cooking, or playing games while camping.

3. Camping Stools: Similar to camping chairs, camping stools are portable seating options that are lightweight and collapsible. They are smaller than chairs and provide a simple seating solution for camping trips.

4. Camping Hammocks: Camping hammocks are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. They are suspended between trees or other sturdy objects and provide a comfortable and relaxing place to rest and sleep while camping.

5. Camping Beds and Mattresses: Camping beds and mattresses are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping surface during camping trips. They are typically lightweight, compact when folded, and easy to inflate or set up.

6. Camp Kitchen Gear: Camping furniture also includes portable kitchen gear such as folding tables with built-in sinks, cooking stations, and storage compartments. These items provide a convenient setup for cooking and food preparation while camping.

7. Portable Camping Wardrobes: These are collapsible or foldable wardrobes or storage units designed to keep your clothes and camping gear organized during your trip. They are lightweight and compact for easy transportation.

8. Campsite Shelter: While not strictly furniture, campsite shelters such as canopies, awnings, and gazebos are often used to provide shade and protection from the elements. They create a comfortable outdoor living space at the campsite.

When selecting camping furniture, consider factors such as portability, durability, comfort, and ease of setup. Look for lightweight materials, sturdy construction, and compact designs that are suitable for your specific camping needs.

Glossop Awnings now are a major retailer in camping and... Read More