Porch Awnings

Here at Glossop Awnings we offer a wide range of traditional quality porch awnings in all different sizes and colours, you will be sure to find the perfect one for you and your family!

They are a perfect way of adding much needed space to your caravan, and are easier to erect for those shorter stays.

We are suppliers of every major manufacturer in Europe including Isabella, Dorema, Bradcot, Kampa, Sunncamp, Leisurewise, Outdoor Revolution,  Ventura, Vango, Quest Leisure and Inaca.

Porch awnings are a great solution for caravanners that do not need the space a full size awning offers but are looking for something robust that can stand up to heavier usage. These conventional porch awnings usually have the option of steel, aluminium or fibreglass poles and the same angular appearance as full awnings.

Like the full awnings, most of the porch awnings come with removable panels which give you the option to either remove or fold down to create a veranda. These panels also have several options as to where you would like your awning door to be located. In most cases the windows on the panels have a fly net underneath to give you some air on hot days without getting bugged by insects! 

To make your caravan lifestyle more comfortable you can also purchase groundsheets for the inside of the awning to make you feel right at home! Once you have furnished the inside of your awning with chairs and a table your awning will be complete!